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A busy spring at the SPCA

Shelley Steeves, reporter
April 14, 2012 — There are plenty of hungry mouths to feed at the SPCA animal shelter in Moncton. And as the weather warms up, there could be many more. Shelley Steeves explains why.

One of the many dogs at the Moncton SPCA
One of the many dogs at the Moncton SPCA

''As much as the humans love the spring weather and the sunshine, so do the animals. That means they are out and about and are frisky," says Karen Nelson, Director of the Moncton SPCA.

The early and warmer spring is throwing off the breeding cycles of cats and dogs. They're going into heat sooner, which is likely to have a huge impact on the stay animal population. "Actually the warm weather means we will likely have three breeding sessions for cats. So that's a lot of kittens," adds Nelson.

The problem is the shelter workers are already swamped -- they're struggling to care for and find homes for the animals they already have. A new glut of stays coming in soon may be too much.

"Last year we cared for 7,000 animals," explains Nelson. "Working in a shelter environment we don't always know how many animals we are going to get -- it's like a triage. So when we have a very busy spring and breeding season it certainly puts a strain on our resources.

''But there's many things people can do to make sure animal shelters aren't overrun -- it stars by making sure your own pet is spayed or neutered.

"The second thing people can do is get a license for them, even the cats," says Nelson. "You get a licence on your animals and animal control people pick it up or somebody brings it into the shelter we can track it back and get it back home."

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