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Tornado and funnel cloud reports in Prairies

Possible tornado northwest of Limerick, Sask.
Possible tornado northwest of Limerick, Sask.

Lisa Varano, staff writer

June 21, 2010 — Thunderstorms in southern Saskatchewan on Monday night had the potential to produce tornadoes.

Storm clouds roll into downtown Regina
Storm clouds roll into downtown Regina

Thunderstorms rocked the Prairies on Monday and prompted tornado watches in southern Saskatchewan, including Regina, and Leduc, Alberta, south of Edmonton. Environment Canada dropped the tornado watches in the evening.

But earlier in Saskatchewan, some of the watches had been upgraded to warnings for about an hour in Rodgers, Gravelbourg, Sutton, Wood River, Stonehenge, Lake Johnson, Terrell, Lake of the Rivers and Excel.

And there was a report of a brief tornado in the Gravelbourg area around 5:15 p.m. Central, and a funnel cloud about a half-hour later.

Funnel clouds were also reported east of Edmonton's airport.

Floodwater swirls in Regina
Floodwater swirls in Regina

“The winds are set up in the atmosphere in such a way that they allow storms to rotate. While we don't think that this will produce widespread or strong tornadoes, an isolated tornado could occur with thunderstorms,” said Weather Network meteorologist Chris Scott as the storms fired up.

The thunderstorms in Saskatchewan also had the potential to produce large hail, deadly lightning, powerful winds and flooding -- which added to rainfall totals in areas that were already flooded.

It was the second tornado warning in as many days in southern Saskatchewan. On Sunday night, a tornado warning was issued for the regional municipality of Argyle, Saskatchewan, including Gainsborough and Carievale. The warning was later dropped.

If you saw a funnel cloud or a tornado, call our Stormline at 1-800-463-9463 and send us your weather photos or video.

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