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Saskatchewan farmers optimistic for the growing season

Staff writers
April 27, 2012 — Despite a few setbacks from a mild and dry winter, farmers in Saskatchewan remain optimistic.

Rain forecast through Saturday
Rain forecast through Saturday

The heavy rain that's been falling in BC has made its way into the Prairies. Up to 30 mm of rain is expected in the hardest hit areas through Saturday and that comes as good news for farmers.

A lack of moisture this winter has impacted some crops for Prairie farmers.

"It's been a very mild winter compared to what we experience normally with relatively light snow accumulations," says Grant McLean with Saskatchewan's Ministry of Agriculture.

And with the early arrival of spring as well, farmers in Saskatchewan were hoping to get into the field and start seeding ahead of schedule.

"But that changed thanks to the snow events over the Easter weekend and the cooler weather we've been experiencing over the latter part of this week."

Despite the set backs, McLean says farmers are remaining pretty optimistic.

"We've had buoyant prices and marketing opportunities for many crops, so I think many people are quite optimistic about the coming year."

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