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Saturday snowfall blankets parts of Ontario

Staff writers
February 20, 2012 — A light dusting of snow fell in parts of Ontario on Saturday.

Saturday's snowfall totals
Saturday's snowfall totals

People in Ontario woke up to a fresh coat of snow on Saturday, courtesy of a weak low pressure system that swept across the area beginning Friday night.  
In many areas, the snowfall was light. Toronto saw 5 cm and Hamilton saw slightly less, at 3 cm.
But that was enough to cause slippery conditions on roadways across the region in the early morning hours.
Barrie saw heavier amounts of snowfall through the day on Saturday. 
Mark Rozitis, a camera operator for The Weather Network, was monitoring the situation in and around the area.

"The snow is coming down heavy and it has been all morning," he said. "There's more than 10 cm on the ground already, [and] while that's great for the hundreds heading up to ski country, the roads are extremely slippery ... and we have lots of accidents and cars sliding out," he said, adding that the snow is "some of the slipperiest" he has ever driven on.

Several accidents were reported on Highway 400, bringing traffic to a crawl in some places. 
Earlier in the week, icy road conditions led to bus cancellations and car accidents in the southwestern part of the province.
Hitting the slopes? Be sure to check our Ski report. If you're going to be in the city of Ottawa, read more about the final weekend of Winterlude

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