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Severe storms rip through the southern U.S.

Staff writers
March 19, 2013 — Severe thunderstorms ripped through the southern states on Monday with uprooted trees and widespread damage reported.

Several uprooted trees reported Monday
Several uprooted trees reported Monday

It may seem early, but the tornado season has already picked up in parts of the U.S. 

A line of severe storms pushed through the southern states on Monday and an EF-1 tornado was reported in Dickson County, Tennessee. 

The National Weather Service also confirmed an EF-0 tornado in Rutherford County, where at least 10 homes faced significant damage. 

Several large trees were uprooted and firefighters say they responded to a fire at a middle school after lightning struck the building. 

The storm also left thousands without power in Alabama as heavy rain, wind and large hail battered the area Monday afternoon.

At least eight people were injured during the storms, but officials couldn't confirm the severity of the injuries.

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