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Slick morning commute in the Greater Toronto Area

Staff writers
February 22, 2012 — A wet mix that fell through the Greater Toronto Area Tuesday night lead to slick road conditions on many major routes early Wednesday.

Snow forecast through Thursday
Snow forecast through Thursday

Light snow began to fall in southern Ontario Tuesday afternoon before changing over to rain for the evening commute. While most of the snow melted by the time it hit the ground, it was enough to cause slick conditions on the roads. Especially through the overnight and early morning hours.

Several major routes north and west of the city of Toronto were coated in ice leading to dangerous conditions for the morning drive. Some motorists in the area say they had to slow down well before the stop light to ensure they could come to a safe and complete stop.

At one point, Highway 48 was closed between Aurora Road and Vivian Road just north of Whitchurch-Stouffville due to the icy conditions.

Mark Rozitis, camera operator at The Weather Network says several crashes occurred in the area.

"One of the tow trucks pulling the many vehicles out of the ditch was even hit," says Rozitis.

The highway re-opened after crews spread salt and sand on the road.

A layer of ice also spread over several sidewalks and walkways, so residents were urged to use caution.

Temperatures are expected to rise to above seasonal values through the day on Wednesday, with the potential for more light showers mixed with wet snow in the late afternoon and evening hours.

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