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Snow, rain and wind invade Quebec

Some parts of the province could see up to 30 cm of snow
Some parts of the province could see up to 30 cm of snow

Staff writers

April 27, 2012 — A low pressure system has brought rain, wind and snow to parts of Quebec.

Winter has returned to Quebec.

A low pressure system from the Maritimes began to push through the province Friday morning, bringing bouts of intense rain and brisk northwest winds.

"This system is pulling cooler air down, which is why we're also seeing some snow," says Gerald Cheng, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "Quebec City will likely avoid the worst of the storm, and affected areas can expect the system to start dissipating on Saturday."

Some places could see up to 30 cm of snow by the time all is said and done.

Frost warnings are in effect for Montreal and surrounding area. Communities around the Gaspé Peninsula can expect wind gusts up to 100 km/h, along with blowing snow.

Motorists are advised to slow down and drive according to the conditions.

To keep on top of weather across the country, visit the Canadian Cities Index.

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