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Snowshoeing near Edmonton

Farah Dhalla, reporter
November 18, 2012 — On cold, snow filled days, a group of hikers travel along the Yellowhead highway, 35 kilometres east of Edmonton to Elk Island National Park.

Snowshoeing is an accessible sport that requires little-to-no experience
Snowshoeing is an accessible sport that requires little-to-no experience

Deep in the woods of Alberta’s Elk Island National Park, a group of Edmonton hikers strap on their snowshoes and hit the trail.

Peter McClure organizes these adventures and says snowshoeing is about being outdoors in winter and enjoying it. “If you look around you the scenery in winter is beautiful, and ... you get some good exercise," he says.

Snowshoes are for walking over the snow. They distribute the weight of a person over a large area so the foot doesn't sink.

Peter says people like the sport because almost anyone can do it.

"It’s accessible to anybody with no experience," he says. 

"No training, no practice. You don’t have to be particularly athletic.”

The origin and age of snowshoes are largely unknown -- but historians believe they were invented between 4,000 and 6,000 years ago.

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