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Social media and the weather

Shelley Steeves, reporter
March 1, 2012 — Now, when many people want to connect with a friend, they rarely pick up a phone. The first place they go is social media.

Social media allows people to connect with people across the country
Social media allows people to connect with people across the country

Times may have changed - but the conversation hasn't.

Here in Canada, people still love talking about the weather.

Alexandra Pope is The Weather Network's social media guru, and she says that new age cyberspace is being taken over by an old age topic.

"We all know that Canadians love to talk about the weather and the same is absolutely true [within] the realm of social media," she says. "The Weather Network's Facebook page has over 129,000 fans and that number grows every day. During active weather it can actually be a challenge to keep up with the volume of posts and tweets coming in."

Chatting about the weather has connected Canadians for decades, if not centuries.

That's likely because it's common ground for people.

No matter what walk of life you're from, everyone here in Canada is somehow affected by the weather. But the chit chat has a much broader reach these days.

Randy Hall is an official Weather Network Weather Observer, and he regularly connects with other weather watchers across the country.

"We have our group and we have our spot [on] the Internet that we can go to and interact amongst ourselves. We often share questions we have about the weather, or interesting facts about what is going on in our particular area," he says.

Randy has connected with hundreds of new friends online that he might not have known otherwise.

"It's really awesome to see so many people from coast to coast ... basically bonding over a shared passion for the weather," he says.

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