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Wild weather hits Spain

May 5, 2010 — Dozens of provinces in Spain were under alert this week as wicked weather battered the country.

Forget spring. It's been looking and feeling a lot more like winter in parts of Spain this week.

The country has been coping with a stretch of wild weather. The northern and eastern midlands have taken the biggest hit. In some cases, the story has been heavy snow. In others, heavy rain and floods have been making headlines.

Cars were left submerged and stranded on roadways in Majorca on Monday. Cities like Alicante, Valencia and Lleida have also experienced intense flooding.

In other parts of the country, temperatures dropped as much as 15 degrees on Monday. In those communities, the precipitation fell as heavy snow.

“The weather is crazy!” said one local resident.

“It's not spring, it's winter,” said another.

Wicked weather has also been hitting the French Riviera this week. Massive waves have been crashing the coast, and Cannes, the host for next week's International Film Festival is currently under water.

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