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Sparing the air with electric vehicles in BC

Staff writers
June 7, 2012 — Vancouverites continue to work towards improved air quality with electric vehicle charging stations that will be available to the public.

Charging stations will allow motorists to plug in their cars
Charging stations will allow motorists to plug in their cars

The Metro Vancouver Board has approved the installation of six to eight publicly-accessible electric vehicle stations at facilities across the region. The goal of the stations will be to encourage people to buy more electric vehicles, which will help to spare the air.

"We have objectives to be carbon neutral within our operations and these vehicles have no tailpipe emissions, so they emit no air pollutants," says Eve Fichot, Air Quality Planner with the city of Vancouver. "Their greenhouse gas footprint, their carbon footprint is much, much lower than regular gasoline or diesel vehicles. So, it's a perfect fit for our goals and objectives."

Several electric vehicles were parked in front of Metro Vancouver's head office on Wednesday as a way to promote the new charging stations. They'll be found in parks and business places around the city so that employees are able to plug in their vehicles at their own convenience.

"We have found that over the full life-cycle cost of the vehicles, that it makes sense, monetarily, for an electric vehicle once we have the infrastructure in place," says Alan Kelly, Supervisor of Fleet Services with Metro Vancouver.

This announcement was made in conjunction with Clean Air Day on Wednesday, which is an annual day dedicated to the serious air quality issues several communities face.

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