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Spring motorcycle safety

Shelley Steeves, reporter
May 15, 2012 — There's nothing quite like the first ride of spring for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Potholes are a big concern for bikers this time of year
Potholes are a big concern for bikers this time of year

For Luke Delahanty, there's just something about that first bike ride of the season.

And he's been able to feel that sense of freedom much earlier than usual this year.

"We had a couple of days in March in the thirties so that was a bonus," he says.

But Luke has had to face his share of bumps along the way.

When the frost heaves, it leaves heavy potholes in the road and the RCMP says that - mixed with excessive speed - can be death traps for bikers.

"The biggest key to driving around the potholes safety is driving defensive and keeping your speed within reason. Give yourself time to get around the potholes," says Constable Greg Stevens of the Codiac Regional RCMP.

In fact, motorcycle accidents peak in the spring, and not just because of potholes.

Heavy rain can cause hydroplaning and a loss of traction, but Luke hasn't had to worry too much about this year -- because by Maritime standards, it's been fairly dry.

Luke says his biggest concern right now are four-wheeled vehicles, because every spring they seem to forget about bikers.

"It's understandable," he says. "They haven't seen a bike for months, they have to get used to it.

And bikers have to shake off the rust also."

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