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Still too early to plant

Shelley Steeves, reporter
April 19, 2012 — Despite the milder temperatures across parts of central and eastern Canada, experts recommend holding off on any outdoor planting.

Risk of frost could kill your plants
Risk of frost could kill your plants

Wayne Trail from MacArthur's Nurseries Inc. in Moncton, New Brunswick says it's still too early for those with a green thumb to start their outdoor planting.

Despite the milder daytime conditions, there is still the risk for fluctuating temperatures and frost.

"If you really want to get started with planting, pansies are one type of annual that you can plant at this time of year," says Trail. "They are really pretty and they look delicate, but they are pretty hardy and tolerant to frost and this type of weather."

Still, for those eager to get in their gardens, Trail says there are some things you can do to protect your plants if there is frost in the forecast.

"One, is you can bring them in if they are in containers and number two, you can cover them over with a sheet or a blanket. Just don't use plastic."

He adds that the best time to start planting is in late May and early June when the threat for frost has decreased.

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