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Stormy night in the Prairies

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer

June 22, 2010 — Severe thunderstorms rolled across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba on Tuesday, spawning funnel clouds and triggering floods.

It was another night of active weather across the Prairie provinces on Tuesday.

A series of intense thunderstorms rolled across the provinces, bringing heavy rain, lightning strikes and rumbles of thunder. There were also several reports of funnel clouds, which prompted tornado watches and warnings throughout the night.

For some, it was a repeat of Monday night, when funnel clouds extended from the sky. Environment Canada is still assessing whether any tornadoes touched down or not.

In addition to funnel clouds, large hail also caused a scene in some cities. There was also some flooding in Calgary. At one point, fire crews received more than 100 calls in less than two hours.

On Wednesday, we're looking at another risk of thunderstorms stretching from the interior of BC to northwestern Ontario. Some of the storms could be severe.

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