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Stormy weekend for parts of Ontario.

Staff writers

June 10, 2012 — People in southern Ontario experienced thunderstorms on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday night, people in northwestern Ontario had their turn for severe weather.

There will still be some thunderstorm risk in Ontario and parts of Manitoba as well on Monday.
There will still be some thunderstorm risk in Ontario and parts of Manitoba as well on Monday.

The weekend ended in Ontario with severe weather watches and warnings in the northwest of the province.

There was even a tornado warning issued in the area of Emo - Fort Francis - Rainy River, but it was soon dropped, although severe thunderstorm watches and warnings remained in place for some time afterward.

That severe weather capped off a weekend of thunderstorm risk over various parts of Ontario and Quebec.

Elsewhere in Canada, heavy rain and flooding also continued to cause problems in parts of British Columbia and Alberta

On Saturday, parts of southwestern Ontario were under severe thunderstorm watches. Although those had been dropped by the afternoon, the risk of thunderstorms did continue.

Tornadoes were in the offing in central Canada on Friday as well. Environment Canada confirmed an F1 tornado occurred in Huntingdon, Quebec on Friday night. A garage in a rural part of the community, which is about 40 km east of Cornwall, suffered severe damage, as did some nearby trees.

In eastern Ontario, Gananoque and Mallorytown got off easier. A tornado watch issued for those areas only lasted about a half hour late Friday afternoon.

That didn't mean the weather in parts of eastern Ontario was any less harsh. In Cornwall, hail came crashing to the ground and strong winds led to uprooted trees, which had many people rushing to grab their cameras.  It was a similar situation in parts of Quebec, as well.  

On Saturday, there was a risk of thunderstorms for across the GTA and parts of north eastern Ontario but the storms seemed to clear up by the evening in most areas. Forecasters say more rain and thunderstorms are on the way for parts of Ontario on Monday. Localized hail, showers and thunderstorms are expected across the region. A warm front from the West is bringing heavy rain and severe storms to northeastern Ontario including Timmins and Sault Ste. Marie. There is also a risk of non-severe thunderstorms for the GTA area.  

Canadians are encouraged to stay up-to-date on their local weather forecast. Watches and warnings can be found in the Alerts sections of our website.

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