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High waters flood Alabama homes

June 10, 2012 — Heavy rains turned streets into rivers in Grand Bay, Alabama on Saturday. High waters flooded homes and brought some cars to a stand still. Russell Colburn reports.

Paul Dube has lived on Oakdale Avenue in Grand Bay for about seven years.  In that span, he's weather his fair share of storms and kept his family safe.  But Saturday morning when an elderly woman was trapped in the elements, Dube was up to the task.  "She was in her car, and the water was way past her doors, car was flooded out, and she looked pretty scared, " says Dube.  "She didn't have her phone on her, so she had no way to call for help."

But she had Dube who's twenty three years of experience in the army made the rescue instinctive.  There was one problem, Dube's vehicle was too small to get her. "I knew the best way to do it was to go around the block and go all the way around, " says Dube.  "I come in the backside, I backed my car in as far as I could into the water, got the two cables out hooked them to my car and hooked them up to hers then pulled her out of the water," explains Dube of the heroic experience.

Just across the street, the same water which trapped the woman also flooded Arthur McMichael's yard and home.  The disabled veteran woke up to his den completely flooded.

"It's just heartbreaking, you know?" says McMichael. "That den area, I built that with my own two hands, and to see stuff like that destroyed that you built for your family, it's hard."

Witnesses say when the water was at its highest point, only the top of his gazebo was showing.  Helped arrived for McMichael and the rebuilidng process will begin but he takes solace in one tonight. "It could have been a lot worse, but I thank God it wasn't."

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