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Strong winds topple Halifax house

Staff writers
February 1, 2013 — Thousands of customers were left in the dark after powerful winds ripped through the Maritimes Thursday. The winds were also responsible for the collapse of a house that was under construction.

House collapse as powerful winds roar through
House collapse as powerful winds roar through

Widespread wind warnings covered all three Maritime provinces Thursday with gusts over 100 km/h reported.

In Halifax, winds clocked in at 104 km/h resulting in a house collapse.

"What’s left of this former three storey construction project remained a hazard to the neighbourhood as winds intensified Thursday afternoon," says The Weather Network's Nathan Coleman. 

Construction crews were on site at the time, but say all they could do was watch as the forceful winds continued to blow pieces of wood back and forth.

"Later in the afternoon, a fire crew arrived on scene in response to another incident next door where a tree knocked out a breaker on a power pole," says Coleman.

Peak wind gusts
Peak wind gusts

According to officials at Nova Scotia Power, most outages were caused by strong winds blowing trees onto power lines. 

Crews were still busy restoring power to thousands early Friday morning.

Close to 20,000 customers in New Brunswick were also without power as of 6:30 am Friday. 

At the height of the storm, New Brunswick Power reported that 39,000 homes and businesses had lost electricity.

About 6,000 people temporarily lost power in Prince Edward Island. 

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