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Study suggests sea levels rising faster than average in parts of Canada and the US

According to researchers, Boston's sea levels could rise 68 cm by 2050
According to researchers, Boston's sea levels could rise 68 cm by 2050

Staff writers

October 21, 2012 — Sea levels appear to be changing around the world, but scientists have found it's happening at an accelerated rate in parts of Canada and the US.

Sea levels are rising at an unusually high rate in eastern Canada and the northeastern U.S., a new study has found.

Scientists were able to confirm a "statistically significant" acceleration at 16 tide stations spanning from Virginia to Nova Scotia.

The historical data used in the study dated back 43 years for half of the stations and 75 years for the others.

While sea levels appear to be rising around the world, the study suggests that regions in Canada and the US could out-pace global averages, with Boston's sea levels rising as high as 68 cm by 2050.

Popular theories suggest heat-trapping greenhouse gases and glacial melt have helped speed up the rise in sea levels.

Researchers aren't sure if the trend will be long-lived.

The findings were recently published in the Journal of Coastal Research.

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