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Let the melt in southern Ontario begin

Staff writers
January 31, 2012 — It was a tricky Monday evening commute for anyone living in and around the city of Toronto. Now, temperatures are on the rise.

Snow expected to melt on Tuesday
Snow expected to melt on Tuesday

In a winter where there hasn't been a ton of snow in the Greater Toronto Area, Monday's active weather seemed to catch some drivers off guard.

Snow began blanketing cities in the late afternoon and evening hours, just in time for the commute home from work. Around 5-8 cm piled up, including in the city of Toronto, and that led to a series of accidents and slow-downs on some of the GTA's major routes and highways.

The Weather Network's Forecast Centre says the snow was triggered by a warm front.

"Warm, moist air is being forced to rise over colder, denser air sitting on top of us. It is this rising motion of the warm moist air that is producing clouds and precipitation," says meteorologist Chris Scott. "We will feel this warmer air at the surface on Tuesay after the warm front moves through."

In fact, several places will see temperatures range from 4-7 degrees. That means any snow that has fallen will be melting throughout the day.

"There will also be foggy conditions in the area and visibilities will be reduced due to the snow melt," says Brian Dillon, another meteorologist at The Weather Network.

Monday's snowfall brought the monthly total for Toronto to just under 15 cm. On average, about 31 cm falls in the city in January. So far, from November until now, only 26 cm has accumulated. The normal total for those three months is 68 cm.

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