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Supermoon: your photos from across Canada

Staff writers

May 6, 2012 — Did you see the Supermoon on Saturday night? The Weather Network has compiled some of the best photos we've seen, as submitted by you.

Supermoon shines alongside the Toronto skyline
Supermoon shines alongside the Toronto skyline

It was an event that had people right across Canada reaching for their cameras. 

On Saturday night, the moon was just 357,000 km from our planet – the closest it will get until 2014 - and about 30,000 km less than it's average distance from Earth.

For observers, that meant that the moon appeared about 16% larger and 30% brighter than other full moons of the year. 

It's what's known as the "supermoon," and it caught the attention of thousands - especially those lucky enough to have clear skies during the event. 

"Conditions were ideal across many parts of Ontario and Quebec, parts of the Maritimes and British Columbia," says Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "There was a little more cloud cover in the Prairies and Newfoundland."

If you got clouded out on Saturday night, astronomer and "night sky guy"Andrew Fazekas suggests watching Sunday night, too. He says the moon should still look great just past its full phase. 
The best time to catch the sky show is just after local sunset – looking towards the eastern horizon as the Moon rises. The silvery orbit will probably appear unusually big while near the horizon – a visual illusion, making it an even more impressive sight and photo opportunity. 

With files from Andrew Fazekas 

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