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Taiwan battles Mother Nature

April 26, 2010 — An earthquake and a landslide. Taiwan is dealing with the affects of both today.

Call it a double whammy. Residents in Taiwan are facing the wrath of Mother Nature.

First, a landslide buried numerous cars on Sunday. Rescue efforts are in place to find any passengers that are still alive. So far, the cars have yet to be found.

The slide covered parts of a three-lane highway with enough rubble to fill two soccer stadiums. Officials say it will take about 20 days to completely clear the roads.

And if that wasn't already enough to deal with, an earthquake struck off the southeast coast of the country today.

The US Geological Survey says the quake measured in at 6.5 magnitude and could be felt onshore. Buildings were swaying for a few seconds, but there's been no reports of damage so far. There haven't been any deaths reported either and a tsunami warning wasn't issued following the quake.

There's been recent question about the frequency of earthquakes lately. The Weather Network's own Oga Nwobosi takes an in depth look at this story. You can watch that report by clicking on the Related Link above.

And for more details on the current situation in Taiwan, tune into The Weather Network on TV. Your newscast comes up at :12 and :42 past every hour.

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