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Thanks for your photos and videos!

Staff writers

April 16, 2013 — Here at The Weather Network, we love when you send us photos or videos of active weather. We've put together a special thank you for some of our most consistent weather watchers.

Thank you for your incredible photos and images (courtesy: Valerie Sauve)
Thank you for your incredible photos and images (courtesy: Valerie Sauve)

The Weather Network loves to feature great weather-related photos and videos on air and on the website -- so keep them coming!

From our Active Weather Set to our news articles your photos and videos are an important component of our programming.

Here are some tips for snapping the perfect shot:

  • Keep it steady. If you're shooting with your phone's camera, hold it with both hands to stabilize the image.  Always shoot horizontally for maximum stability -- and more dynamic, panoramic shots. If you're using a video camera, mount it on a tripod if possible.
  • Compose. Experiment with taking pictures of the same subject, but from different angles. How does changing the angle change the story the image tells? The subject doesn't always have to be dead centre.
  • Avoid clutter. When capturing scenes, such as a stormy sky, it's best to shoot from a clear vantage point. Be on the lookout for distracting obstructions in the background and foreground, such as telephone poles or overhead wires. Re-compose and shoot again.
  • Safety first. Shooting active weather is exciting, but when storms approach, always seek shelter -- lightning can strike even dozens of kilometres away from an approaching cell

If you have any captivating photos and videos, upload them to The Weather Network. You can also easily upload right from your phone.

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