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Thanksgiving long weekend forecast

Staff writers

October 3, 2012 — Preparations are underway for the Thanksgiving long weekend. Will the weather affect your holiday plans?

Do you plan on picking pumpkins this weekend?
Do you plan on picking pumpkins this weekend?

Family, food and celebration. The Thanksgiving long weekend is a fall favourite for most Canadians. 

Whether you're hosting the holiday or planning to visit family and friends, Weather Network meteorologist Gina Ressler provides a breakdown of the weather you can expect across the country. 


It's looking like British Columbia has the nicest forecast for the Thanksgiving long weekend. Another ridge of high pressure that's building in will bring a lot of sunshine and above seasonal temperatures right through the weekend. Temperatures in the low to mid 20s are expected in the southern areas of the province. 


In general, conditions will be mainly sunny and dry from Alberta through to western Saskatchewan. After snow and chilly conditions this week, temperatures will be rebounding across Alberta. By Sunday, most of Saskatchewan will see a return to seasonal conditions as well. In Manitoba however, there's a chance that another low pressure system will bring rain and unsettled weather to the province. Below seasonal temperatures are also forecast for much of the weekend.

Enjoying a turkey feast with family is a favourite tradition among most Canadians
Enjoying a turkey feast with family is a favourite tradition among most Canadians


The start of the long weekend is looking cool and unsettled in parts of Ontario and Quebec. There's a risk of some lake effect showers on Saturday and areas  in northern Ontario could even see a rain/snow mix. As the cold front pushes through, temperatures will remain cool across the region Sunday and into Monday, with single digit highs possible around the Nickle Belt. The chance for showers will also continue, but it certainly won't be a complete washout of a weekend.


Overall, the Thanksgiving weather across Atlantic Canada should be okay. Some scattered showers are possible in the Maritimes and the western half of Newfoundland Saturday, but temperatures should remain pretty seasonal. Another disturbance could bring some wet and breezy conditions, along with cooler temperatures Sunday and Monday, but the timing is still uncertain with this system.


After polling The Weather Network's Facebook and Twitter pages, most people agree that a Thanksgiving feast is a favourite holiday tradition. 

"Everyone pitches in and has a great day," says Weather Network fan Pauline Bartlett Thomson. "My Thanksgiving tradition contains meeting with extended family and the big Thanksgiving dinner," tweeted Ruthanne Erickson. 

Some other popular Thanksgiving traditions include: 

  • Giving thanks 
  • Family reunions 
  • Pumpkin pie 
  • Decorating for Halloween 
  • Watching football

You can check out the local forecast in your community by heading to the Thanksgiving Day forecast page. You can also celebrate the long weekend with The Weather Network on-air presenters. 

Starting at 9 am eastern on Sunday, Natalie Thomas will be broadcasting LIVE as she prepares Thanksgiving dinner with her family. And on Monday, Lyndsay Morrison will be broadcasting LIVE from the Thanksgiving Day Parade at Oktoberfest in Waterloo. Don't miss out on the fun, be sure to tune into The Weather Network on TV all weekend long.

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