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The beauty of new-age cosmetics: it could be benefiting your skin more than you thought

Shelley Steeves, reporter
May 11, 2012 — Some would say that today's women lead busier lives than ever before - with raising children, PTA meetings, and full-time careers they are usually left with little or no time to worry about themselves, or better yet, the health of their skin.

When purchasing UV-protective cosmetics, look for two key ingredients: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide
When purchasing UV-protective cosmetics, look for two key ingredients: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide

The application of sunscreen is often overlooked in ones daily regimen. With this in mind, many cosmetic companies are now offering SPF (sun protection factor) in their make-up products to help prevent signs of pre-mature wrinkles and skin cancer. 

According to skin-care experts, the fighting ingredients one should look for when purchasing their cosmetics are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. 

"Those two specific products together create a barrier for your skin," says Chantel Robichaud of Fresko Beauty Gallery. "The UVA and UVB rays can't penetrate [through] those two together, which provides the best protection you can get."

In most cases, the majority of foundations carry an SPF 15, which Robichaud believes is a healthy start, but not quite enough to reach the maximum level of protection. 

During the summer seasons, when UV exposure is at its greatest, she advises women to apply SPF lotion prior to your protective makeup. Reapplication throughout the day is also a crucial factor in creating a healthy barrier for your skin. 

If you plan on spending most of your day outdoors, Robichaud says it is "important to be aware of the SPF level and double up at that point."

SPF contained cosmetics can be found at any of your local department or drug stores. For further information on these products and more consult with the cosmetics manager on-hand. 

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