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Ontario feels some relief from the heat

Enjoying some relief from the heat
Enjoying some relief from the heat

Staff writers

June 22, 2012 — After several communities across Ontario reached official heat wave status, Ontarians can expect some relief from the heat this weekend.

Official heat wave in Ontario
Official heat wave in Ontario

Thursday marked the third consecutive day of temperatures soaring past 30 degrees in many parts of southern Ontario and Quebec. Several communities reached official heat wave status for the first time this year.

In Toronto, both the Buttonville and Pearson airports reported three days of temperatures greater than 32 degrees. London, Windsor and Sarnia also reported heat wave conditions, while places like Hamilton and Waterloo came pretty close.

The three-day hot streak also saw temperature records broken in many areas since the heat poured into the region Tuesday.

On Thursday, Toronto broke heat records for the second day running, hitting 34.4, up from the previous record of 33.3 degrees set in 1949. At 34 degrees, Windsor broke an even older record, 33.3 degrees in 1941, as did Ottawa, which was 34.6 degrees, beating out the 33.9-degree record set in 1941. Collingwood, Markham and Hamilton broke records dating back to the 1990s.

Heavy rain and strong winds ripped through Thursday
Heavy rain and strong winds ripped through Thursday

While the heat had several people flocking to the beach, it also helped to trigger some severe thunderstorms in southern Ontario Thursday.

Heavy rain, downed trees, and small hail was reported through the afternoon and evening hours. Temperatures also dropped dramatically through the night as the cold front sliced through the region.

"It will still be a warm weekend for many places across Ontario, the cold front just helped to cut the humidity," says Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

That's welcomed news for many people that found the weather conditions to be unbearable.

The high heat and humidity can affect people with lung conditions and it can become dangerous for those playing outdoor sports as well. The power grid will also receive a break after several homes cranked the air conditioning this week in an effort to stay cool.

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