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Thunderstorm rips through Winnipeg

Staff writers
March 20, 2012 — The winter season in Winnipeg ended on a hot note, and the heat helped spark severe thunderstorms in the region.

Intense lightning lit up the sky Monday
Intense lightning lit up the sky Monday

Earlier this month, warm air invaded Manitoba leading to several consecutive days of record breaking mild temperatures.

The heat persisted throughout the day on Monday helping to trigger thunderstormsduring the evening hours.

Intense lightning kept workers indoors at the Winnipeg Airport, which in turn grounded flights and lead to several delays.

It also sparked a fire on top of a hydro pole in the city. As a result, about 3,800 people were without power at the height of the storm.

Now, as the cold front passes through, temperatures are set to plunge on Tuesday.

"Day time highs will still be far above seasonal however, as the normal high for this time of year is about 1C," says Gina Ressler, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

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