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Travel delays continue after Tuesday's storm

A thunderstorm invades Toronto's downtown core
A thunderstorm invades Toronto's downtown core

Staff writers

August 1, 2012 — Thunderstorms pushed across southern Ontario Tuesday, bringing damaging winds, frequent lightning and torrential downpours. Flights were still being disrupted out of Toronto's Pearson International Airport Wednesday morning.

The roof of a building torn off in Alliston
The roof of a building torn off in Alliston

Travellers flying out of Toronto's Pearson International Airport were still facing delays Wednesday, after storms rolled through the region Tuesday. 

Hundreds of travellers were left stranded overnight, after torrential rain, frequent lightning and gusty winds hit the Greater Toronto Area Tuesday. After the storm hit, flights were grounded for three hours. 

On Wednesday morning, flights were still cancelled coming in and out of Pearson. Anyone heading to the airport is advised to check the status of their flight before leaving home. 

Tuesday's storms also caused damage in other parts of the GTA. North of Toronto, the roof of an auto repair shop in Alliston was partially torn off because of gusty winds. No injuries were reported. 

In both the Barrie and Toronto areas, there were reports of lightning striking homes. At one point Tuesday afternoon, more than 4,000 Ontarians had no electricity because of winds knocking down powerlines. 

Localized flooding was reported throughout the GTA, including on a section of Lakeshore Road in Toronto. 

The thunderstorm risk diminished for southern Ontario through the overnight hours, but parts of northwestern Ontario will continue to see storms on Wednesday. The biggest threat will be large hail, damaging winds or heavy rainfall.

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