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Tiger cubs named at the Calgary Zoo

The Canadian Press
June 28, 2012 — A pair of furry siblings at the Calgary Zoo now have names. Two male cubs born in the spring have been named Samkha and Vasili.

Amur tigers are highly endangered
Amur tigers are highly endangered

Two of three tiger cubs born at the Calgary Zoo in the spring have been named.

A contest was held to come up with monikers that would have a Russian meaning for the Amur tiger cubs. The winning entries for the two males were Samkha and Vasili.

Samkha means "sacred" and Vasili means "royal" or "kingly." The female cub has yet to be named by the sponsor who purchased the right to do so.

The cubs were born at the end of March and weighed only 750 grams at birth. Now, they're large enough to venture outside the den.

Amur tigers are highly endangered with only about 350 to 400 left in the world.

The Canadian Press

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