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Tokyo Zoo's Latest Addition

March 26, 2010 — A new sun bear has been unveiled to the public at the Tokyo Zoo. Click on the video to the left to see the cub for yourself.

A bright light in the world of sun bears.

That's what Tokyo Zoo's latest addition is being referred to as.

Umekichi, pronounced Oo-may-key-chee, was born last October and was revealed to the public this month. The male cub, belongs to the world's smallest species of bears.

Sun bears are found in Southeast Asia's wilderness and are considered vulnerable species. Their population has decreased by 30 percent, due to the erosion of their natural habitat.

The cub's antics already has visitors mesmerized. He can climb trees, but still hasn't figured how to get down yet.

“He is so cute, especially because he can't walk very well (on the branch) yet and proceeds very slowly,” says one visitor.

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