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#5- Prairie tornadoes

Staff writers
December 27, 2012 — The Weather Network counts down the 10 biggest weather stories of 2012. #5- Prairie tornadoes.

Storm Hunter Mark Robinson was chasing tornadoes across the Prairies this summer
Storm Hunter Mark Robinson was chasing tornadoes across the Prairies this summer

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No country in the world sees more tornadoes than the United States, but Canada has its share in any given year.

In Saskatchewan, 2012 will figure prominently in history books as the year of the tornado. 

On June 15th, eight twisters dropped from the sky in the southern part of the province. Many funnel clouds were reported as well. It all happened between the communities of Lloydminster and Davidson, a distance of around 300 km. 

There were no reports of damage. 

Then, on June 26th, another two tornadoes were reported near the communities of Caron and Hodgeville.

Environment Canada received about 500 reports of funnel clouds over a 36-hour period. 

Damage was limited to a grain silo, but there were no injuries. 

Another three tornadoes were spotted on July 3rd, with one causing heavy damage to a farm near the town of Davidson. 

Just over two weeks later, several more touched down, including a funnel that destroyed a house near Smeaton. A 72 year-old man was inside at the time. He escaped unharmed.

In all, between 26 and 31 tornadoes are believed to have touched down in Saskatchewan in 2012, well above the seasonal average of 18.

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