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Tornado damage in Dexter, Michigan

Staff writers
March 16, 2012 — The storm cell that prompted a tornado watch in southwestern Ontario Thursday spawned a twister on the U.S. side of the border.

Significant damage in Dexter, Michigan
Significant damage in Dexter, Michigan

Three tornadoes were reported in southeast Michigan on Thursday, causing structural damage but no injuries, according to authorities in the area. 

One tornado spawned from a cluster of storms that formed in the state. It touched down in the community of Dexter, northwest of Ann Arbor. 

More than 100 homes were damaged or demolished and the twister took down trees and power lines in its path. Fires and flooded roads were also reported in neighbourhoods nearby. There was hail the size of ping-pong balls and golf balls crashing to the ground as well. 

The powerful storms tracked toward southwestern Ontario, but lost their energy near the border. Still, a series of storms hammered the province, bringing frequent lightning and large hail to the region Thursday. 

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