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Severe weather sparks Alberta tornado warnings

Staff writers

July 6, 2012 — Parts of central Alberta were under severe weather warnings Thursday evening.

Several of our viewers reported hail, like this handful in Calgary.
Several of our viewers reported hail, like this handful in Calgary.

Parts of south-central Alberta were under a tornado warning for some time Thursday night.

Meteorologists kept an eye on two severe storm cells that sparked tornado warnings as they moved though the area.

While both showed strong rotation on radar, with the potential to produce a tornado, there have been no reports of any tornadoes touching down.

Calgary saw marble-sized hail, and - in the midst of the rain - several Weather Network viewers spotted a rainbow.

As the system progressed throughout the evening, most warnings were replaced with severe thunderstorm warnings or ended altogether.

Severe thunderstorm watches and warnings were also in place for several hours in south-central Alberta for much of Thursday afternoon, including a thunderstorm warning for the city of Calgary, although that had been dropped by around 7 p.m. local time.

Check here for all severe weather watches and warnings alerts currently in effect in Alberta.

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