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Tornado watches and warnings issued across the U.S.

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Staff writers

April 18, 2013 — The National Weather Service has issued several tornado watches and at least 2 tornado warnings across the U.S. as severe thunderstorms rattle the country.

Tornado watches spanning from Louisiana to Michigan and tornado warnings in southern portions of Illinois and Missouri were issued by the National Weather Service on Thursday.

A huge line of storms is moving through the U.S., bringing intense lightning strikes and heavy rain. The storms are also moving into Ontario, but on a smaller scale.

Parts of the Chicago area experienced flash floods on Thursday as rain forced the Des Plains River to exceed its banks.

On Wednesday, heavy rain and wind gusts topping 100 km/h tore through parts of Missouri and Illinois.

At least one tractor trailer was blown over by the wind.


If you should come into contact with a tornado: 

  • Stay calm
  • Seek shelter under something sturdy
  • Never try to outrun a tornado

Visit the U.S. Cities Index to keep on top of weather conditions south of the border.

With files from WGEM/WBBM

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