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Tornado clean-up in Texas begins

Staff writers
April 4, 2012 — One day after a violent tornado outbreak in Texas, residents are assessing the damage and beginning to put their lives back together.

A tornado touches down near Dallas, Texas on Tuesday
A tornado touches down near Dallas, Texas on Tuesday

Cleanup has started after tornadoes did widespread damage in the Dallas-Fort Worth area Tuesday.

National Weather Service teams are expected to spread out across the region Wednesday to determine how many tornadoes actually hit.

A meteorologist with the service says it could be up to a dozen or so tornadoes.

Semi-trailers were thrown like matchbox cars. Powerlines snapped and flared like fireworks. Homes were left looking like an unfinished doll house.

Vincent Tang recorded a twister from the roof of his home in Lancaster where about 300 buildings were damaged.

"I was just screaming 'Oh my God, please do not hit my house,' cause I don't want any of my neighbourhood to get hurt and also I don't want myself getting into that moment. I was super scared, I have never been that scared in my entire life," he said.

Lancaster's mayor offered advice for the newly homeless.

"We would ask that people seek shelter outside of the city, if they have that luxury. If not, again, our recreation centre is open and available as a temporary shelter."

Significant damage to homes
Significant damage to homes

At Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, one of the world's busiest, hail pounded planes and more than 110 air crafts were damaged. Hundreds of departures and arrivals were cancelled and some planes that were already in the air diverted to other airports.

Storm chaser Jason McLaughlin captured dramatic video of a tornado touching down in Forney, Texas.

"I don't don't know the words to describe it," he said. "It was so close and I was just seeing the debris of these homes literally falling on my car and just thinking about the homes and the lives and everything that these people built up until this time. Just destroyed like that in a matter of a couple of seconds."

There are no reports of deaths from the storms, but officials say several people have been injured.

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