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Extreme cold weather alert dropped

Staff writers
February 12, 2012 — The City of Toronto dropped the extreme cold weather alert that was in affect this weekend.

Temperatures felt like -25C on Saturday
Temperatures felt like -25C on Saturday

The City of Toronto has dropped the extreme cold weather alert that was in affect for the city this weekend.

A low-pressure system brought snow, strong winds and a significant drop in temperatures this weekend, which prompted officials to issue the alert.

The City of Toronto issues alerts when the temperature is forecast to dip below -15C. The alerts activate additional services for the homeless, including extra shelter spaces. "Obviously [the cold weather] is a great concern," says Rose Cino of Covenant House Toronto, a shelter for homeless youth.

"We have been seeing more people coming in and we're very relieved by that." When temperatures fall below -10C, it doesn't take long for frostbite and hypothermia to set in.

It's important to minimize your risk and avoid your time spent outdoors. On Saturday morning, temperatures in Toronto felt like -25C with windchill values.

Sunday was slightly warmer, with high of -3C. Temperatures will bump back up to above freezing by Monday.

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