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Toronto's white lion cubs nameless no more

The Canadian Press
August 3, 2012 — Children gathered to see the Toronto Zoo's three white lion cubs, two African penguins and a babirusa piglet on Thursday, when the names of the young animals were revealed.

Lions cubs named on Thursday
Lions cubs named on Thursday

Baby animals living at the Toronto Zoo have just been through an important right of passage: they've been given new names.

Three white lion cubs, two African penguins and a babirusa piglet, all under a year old, got their new names on Thursday.

The male lion cub is called Fintan, which means "little fair one," and the females are called Lemon and Makali, which means "daring."

The penguins have been dubbed Chupa and Matata, which means "trouble maker," a name zoo officials say is highly accurate.

Muna, which means "hope," is the name of the babirusa piglet, who zoo staff call very sweet-natured and attached to her mother.

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