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Tracking Santa with NORAD

Staff writers
December 24, 2012 — The NORAD base in North Bay, Ontario is getting ready to welcome a pretty high-profile guest. Be sure to tune into The Weather Network on TV to track the weather Santa Claus is encountering on his travels today.

NORAD will be tracking Santa every step of the way
NORAD will be tracking Santa every step of the way

Santa Claus is about to embark on his annual sleigh ride around the world, and NORAD will be with him every step of the way.

The organization will be using radar, satellites, jets and special Santa cameras as he flies over Canada.

The tradition started when a 1955 Sears catalogue misprinted a phone number kids could call to check in on Santa.

"The number was actually directed to Cheyanne Mountain in Colorado Springs," says Major David McCaskill.

"The Colonel was answering the telephone and after about the third time he figured what was going on and he went and played with it and that's how the tradition was born."

Santa Claus will still need to keep an eye on the forecast and stay warm as he makes his rounds.

"The weather affects his route, and that's why we have weather people to give us updates," Major McCaskill says.

"What he does have is hand warmers [and] electrically-heated socks."

You can help Santa out by leaving him cookies and hot coca to keep help keep him warm.

Visit the Canadian Cities Index to get all the details on your Christmas Day forecast.

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