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Tremor rumbles through the Prairies

The tremor is considered to be an isolated event
The tremor is considered to be an isolated event

Cheryl Santa Maria, Staff writer

February 1, 2012 — The earth moved in parts of southern Saskatchewan today when a mild earthquake rumbled through Esterhazy at 2:26 a.m. CT.

While the area isnít immune to the occasional tremor, it is considered to be a rare event. It's suspected that the†mining that takes place†in the region could be contributing to the sporadic quakes.

Experts are quick to point out that the tremor was an isolated event and not a sign of more shaking to come.

The rumble measured 3.3 on the Richter scale. While that wasn't large enough to cause structural damage, it was big enough to be felt by people living close to the epicenter.

Geological data suggests that the quake was situated about 5 km below the surface,†about 40 km west of the Manitoba border.

On May 15, 1909, a magnitude 5.5 quake shook the northern plains of Saskatchewan and was felt as far away as Montana. Miraculously, no damages or injuries were reported.

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