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Treacherous Roads In Scotland and Ireland

April 4, 2010 — After heavy snow and strong winds packed a punch across Northern Ireland and Scotland on Wednesday, roads are still unmanageable.

Rainfall from yesterday, mixed with 50 centimeter snow drifts have made roads extremely icy and driving conditions are now treacherous.

However, the recent wave of clearer conditions has offered some reprieve.

Meanwhile, the storm has left quite the aftermath. 10,000 homes in Northern Ireland and 400 in Scotland are still without power. Electricity crews are having difficulty restoring power because of the wintry and wet conditions, which in turn, is creating poor visibility atop hydro poles.On Wednesday, Northern Ireland Electricity said between 45-48,000 customers were offline because of the severe weather. Meanwhile, battering storms saw nearly 22,000 Scottish homes suffer power cuts. The spring storm is one of the worst the UK has seen in 30 years.

Currently, the system has moved into England and turned into heavy rain. The miserable weather has many fleeing the country in search of sun. According to a UK travel company, over 2 million people have made plans to leave the country over Easter weekend.

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