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U.S. Flood Preparations Now Underway

March 3, 2010 — Spring flooding preparations have begun south of the border in both North Dakota and Minnesota.

With the spring season only a few weeks away, residents in North Dakota and Minnesota are wasting no time preparing for floods.

Earlier this week, dozens of volunteers filled and moved sandbags along the Red River, hoping to avoid a disaster like last year's. Rising waters washed through neighbourhoods in both states. The cities of Moorhead and Fargo were hit particularly hard.

It was the same series of floods that swamped roads and washed out homes in southern Manitoba. And while the flooding in Canada isn't expected to be as bad as last year, water levels are still expected to be high.

Emergency organizers in Fargo are hoping to fill one million sandbags over the next two weeks. The river is expected to crest some time in late March or early April.

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