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Historic Flooding in the Northeastern U.S.

March 31, 2010 — Heavy rain and melting snow triggers major flooding in the US, with the worst still to come in some places.

Several sections of the US Northeast are under a state of emergency today, as spring flooding continues to cause major problems.

Melting snow and heavy rain caused rivers to break their banks across the region, washing out roads and spilling water into homes. Residents in several states are being told to avoid travelling.

Rhode Island has been hit especially hard, even in places that have never seen flooding before. A natural disaster has been declared for parts of the state, which allows for federal assistance. In one town, a man and young boy had to be rescued from their submerged truck on Tuesday afternoon.

In Wayne, New Jersey, residents have been forced from their homes after water poured in this morning. The river there continues to rise and isn't expected to crest until tomorrow. The water in Winchester, Massachusetts is thigh high in some areas. The state has seen a record amount of rainfall this month.

Volunteers are busy filling and stocking up on sandbags to try and protect homes and businesses. The National Guard has been deployed to help people evacuate their homes. Emergency officials have asked anyone staying in the affected areas to try and conserve water.

The Northeastern United States were were hit with record amounts of snow this winter, which forecasters say is contributing to the current flood problem. Water levels aren't expected to fall below flood level until Sunday.

This is the region's second major rain storm of the month, and it's the same system that will bring soggy weather to Atlantic Canada this weekend.

Flood officials in New Brunswick are also on high alert. This week's combination of heavy rain, mild temperatures and melting ice has caused water levels to rise on the St. John River. River Watch 2010 has issued ice jam and localized flooding advisories, and officials are asking people to prepare their properties.

For more updates on the flood situation in the United States, make sure you tune into The Weather Network on TV. Our newscast comes up at :12 and :42 minutes past each hour.

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