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Storm Triggers Flooding and Power Outages in U.S.

March 15, 2010 — The same system that brought drenching rain to Ontario also triggered flooding and power outages in the Northeastern U.S. this weekend.

The lights are slowly coming back on across the northeastern United States, after a weekend of wild weather.

The same low pressure system that brought drenching rain to Ontario and Quebec triggered flooding and power outages in New York, New Jersey and West Virginia.

Several rivers burst their banks in Maryland this morning. The heavy snowfall from last month's storms has melted and is saturating the ground. There hasn't been severe damage in the area, but numerous roads in Western Maryland have been closed.

'We saw hurricane-force winds with this system in the U.S.' says Weather Network meteorologist Rob Davis. 'That led to downed trees and hydro poles.'

The weather also led to flight delays and cancellations at the Boston and New York airports. In New Jersey, residents could be seen walking in waist-high water on some streets. In some cases, only the roofs of houses were visible.

Some people had no choice but to get around by boat. A state of emergency remains in effect.

Further west, the Red River in Minnesota and North Dakota is expected to reach major flood level on Tuesday.

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