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A Rainforest at London Zoo

March 25, 2010 — The London Zoo has created a rainforest in hopes of helping endangered species to breed.

London's only artificial rainforest has opened in hopes of helping endangered species to breed.

Keepers at London Zoo built fake trees along side real plants that were shipped in from the rainsforests of Costa Rica.

The idea of the forest is to recreate the natural habitat of several species, which include monkeys, two- toed sloths and ant-eaters. A number of birds will also live in the exhibit.

The heated rainforest will be kept at 80 degrees fahrenheit to allow trees and plants to stay alive year round.

Zoological Director, David Field explains the idea behind the project.

“We've got a number of species here, the marmosets and the sloths, which we've got great experience with, so we want to give them the best possible conditions for them, but also we've done this because this is the year of, the International Year of Biodiversity, and we want to use this amazing facility to inspire people to just what the rainforest means to humans. The rainforest is the lungs of the world. It provides everything we need. It's a national treasure.”

The exhibit is not closed off by glass. This is so visitors can actually experience the humidity themselves.

It originally opened in 2007, but has been closed for some re-building work.

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