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Understanding life-saving water projects

Staff writers
November 7, 2012 — African humanitarian George Gitau took to the frigid waters of Lake Ontario Monday. He wanted to understand what hundreds of Canadians do each year to raise money for life-saving water projects.

African humanitarian George Gitau tests out the frigid waters of Lake Ontario
African humanitarian George Gitau tests out the frigid waters of Lake Ontario

"It is very cold, I am shivering," laughed George Gitau, National Director of World Vision Rwanda.

Gitau waded in Lake Ontario on Monday with Todd and Trent Courage, the Polar Bear Dip founders. He wanted to experience the cold temperatures that hundreds of Canadians face each New Year's Day as part of the dip. 

Gitau says the funds raised at the annual event has brought water to many households in Rwanda.

"This has also saved a lot of girls who have been walking long distances to go fetch water. Now they'll be able to get water near their homes, which means they'll be able to go to school now and get an education," Gitau explains.

Todd and Trent Courage founded the dip several years ago and say all of the good that comes from it is what keeps them going. 

"We see the number of lives that have been changed because of all of this and it's a great event that grows every year," says Trent. "This year we're going to be breaking the million dollar mark in total funds raised for the dip on January 1." 

Are you brave enough to take to the plunge? Find out more about the Polar Bear Dip here.

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