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The frozen north has a warm summer heart

Canada's far North does, in fact, have a summer, and it can be quite pleasant and dry in parts.
Canada's far North does, in fact, have a summer, and it can be quite pleasant and dry in parts.

Staff writers

July 2, 2012 — If a visit to the north is on your to-do list this summer, be prepared to shed your image of the region as snow-covered all year round.

Chances are you can enjoy the rugged landscape basking in temperatures cooler than the rest of Canada, but still very comfortable. With notable exceptions, average temperatures in the North can be very definitely summer-like, with the bonus of seeing less average rainfall than most other regions of Canada. 

Both the Yukon and Northwest Territories sport average highs in the low 20s in July, the hottest month, dropping to the low teens by the end of September.

Whitehorse and Yellowknife likewise get less rain than most parts of the Canada with the exception of some parts of the Prairies and the B.C. Interior. 

Nunavut, though, stands out as an exception.

That territory's average high creeps no higher than the mid-teens for most of the summer, dropping down to the single digits by September. 

It's also wetter than the Yukon and Northwest Territories, although the average amounts are still lower than most of the rest of Canada. 

For more info on where you live, or plan to take your vacation, check our breakdown below, visit our statistics index or check out the breakdown of the other regions of Canada .

Monthly Breakdown - The North

City July August September
Yellowknife High: 21C
Low: 12C
Prec: 35 mm
High: 18C
Low: 10C
Prec: 41 mm
High: 10C 
Low: 4C 
Prec: 30 mm
Whitehorse High: 20C
Low: 5C
Prec: 41 mm
High: 19C
Low: 8C
Prec: 38 mm
High: 12C 
Low: 6C 
Prec: 29 mm
Iqaluit High: 12C
Low: 4C
Prec: 59 mm
High: 10C
Low: 3C
Prec: 65 mm
High: 5C 
Low: 0C 
Prec: 42 mm

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