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Venus Transit: Your photos

Staff writers

June 6, 2012 — People across the country gathered to watch as Venus crossed the face of the Sun Tuesday. We've compiled some of our favourite photos of this once in a lifetime event, as submitted by you.

Then next Venus transit won't take place until 2117
Then next Venus transit won't take place until 2117

Skywatchers across the globe became a part of history on June 5th when Venus began its transit across the face of the Sun during the evening hours.

Dubbed by many astronomers as the "event of the century," only six transits of Venus have been seen in recorded history, with the last ones occurring in 1882, and then not again until 2004.

The next transit won't take place until 2117.

About a thousand people gathered at the University of Waterloo in Ontario to observe the event, and Mother Nature was in full cooperation as the clouds parted, seemingly on cue, at the start of the six-hour transit.

Schools and astronomy clubs across the country held viewing parties and NASA hosted a discussion panel in honour of the event. 

"The Venus transit is inspiring people all over the world," NASA astrophysicist, Dr. Madhulika Guhathakurta, said during the panel. "It's just mind-boggling that we can predict [these events], and today we're predicting them with greater accuracy. The story inspires people in itself. It's just awesome."

Astronomers say the transit provides a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of the planets and fine-tune their existing data.

Visit the Photos & Videos section of the website to see more pictures of the Venus transit.

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