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Villagers hold lavish "frog wedding" in India in hopes of bringing rain

The frogs were decorated with flowers and tumeric (file photo)
The frogs were decorated with flowers and tumeric (file photo)

Staff writers

July 14, 2012 — A groom named Punarvasu and a bride named Pushala have been joined in matrimony following a lavish wedding ceremony that villagers hope will bring rain to their drought-stricken community.

In a lavish wedding ceremony involving five Hindu priests, a banquet and a brass band, two frogs were pronounced man and wife in front of thousands of spectators on Saturday.

The bride and groom were decorated with traditional wedding attire, including flowers and the holy ointment turmeric.

Frog weddings are a common rain-making ritual in parts of South Asia.

Thousands of hectares of crops have been damaged in India this year as parts of the country deal with the worst drought in nearly forty years.

According to local media, 123 Indian districts have officially been declared "drought-hit" by the government, meaning they've received less than 50% of the expected rainfall for a period of four weeks or more.

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