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Weather History: Manitoba Flood

Staff writers
Flooding in Manitoba’s Red River Valley is not unusual but the amount of water in the spring of 1997 was.

The Manitoba floodway spared the city $6 billion in damage
The Manitoba floodway spared the city $6 billion in damage

The flood of the century covered over 2500 square kilometers of land in water and forced the evacuation of 28 000 people. 

At peak water flowed at 169, 000 cubic feet per second. 

In Winnipeg the Red River floodway did exactly what it was designed to do. 

Some estimate the floodway spared the city $6 billion in damage and while Winnipeg was protected it was areas upstream that really paid the price. 

At one point the water was 40 kilometers wide. 

Entire communities were overcome by the river or its tributaries. 

Hundreds of farms were underwater -- hundreds of thousands of livestock had to be moved. 

Evacuation centers became temporary homes for thousands. 

Thousands of volunteers as well as over 8,000 military personnel worked together building dykes, ensuring safety and helping those indeed. 

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