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Weather bomb slams Atlantic Canada

Shelley Steeves, reporter
February 13, 2012 — A powerful Nor'easter swept through the Maritimes on Saturday, dumping more than 40 cm of snow on some places. Shelley Steeves has the story.

People were digging out from more than 40 cm of snow on Sunday
People were digging out from more than 40 cm of snow on Sunday

It was a wild weekend for people in the Maritimes.

An intense weather bomb plowed into the region on Saturday, with no intention of fizzling out quickly.

The bulk of storm hit overnight while most people were asleep.

Except of course the snow plow operators, who were up all night trying to manage the drifting and blowing snow.

"You couldn't see very well, the visibility was down," said Redd Challes, a plow driver. "But we plugged though."

By the time people awoke on Sunday morning, there was a hefty amount of snow to clean up.

About 30 cm of snow was dumped on Moncton, while Charlottetown, PEI recorded more than 40 cm.

"I had quite a pile in my driveway and it took me about an hour to snow blow," said Moncton resident Jim Moore.

And while people in New Brunswick and PEI were pounded with heavy snow, the story was rain in Nova Scotia. People in Halifax saw 47 mm, while coastal areas saw close to 100 mm.

A wall of snow in Moncton, NB
A wall of snow in Moncton, NB

Much of the snow and winds tapered off by Sunday morning -- that's when temperatures fell like a stone, sending snow bound cities into an arctic deep freeze. 

A wind chill warning was issued for a number of cities throughout New Brunswick and temperatures were feeling like -35 or colder on Sunday night.

But some people were still making the best out of the wintery weather.

"We are snowshoers, so we are heading out this afternoon with this fresh snow," said Don McLellan from Moncton. "We can break some trails, so I'm looking forward to it."

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