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Weather delays the start of New Brunswick lobster season

Lobster traps waiting to be filled
Lobster traps waiting to be filled

Staff writers

May 4, 2012 — Adverse weather conditions have delayed the start of lobster season in New Brunswick.

Fishermen along New Brunswick's North Shore have been busy readying their boats and traps for the start of lobster season.

They were originally scheduled to set sail April 28th -- but strong winds put the boats on hold for two days.

The weather also paused the start of the season for fishermen north of PEI, along the Northumberland Strait and in northern Cape Breton.

The North Shore's spring fishing season will run until the end of June and the fall season is set to begin in mid-August.

Back in November, Nova Scotia's lobster season was delayed for 24 hours due to brisk offshore winds.

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